Planning Your Stay

Prospective student and faculty planning

Nurse services  

An on-site nursing clinic is available for guests and staff.  Please plan accordingly to meet your daily medical needs by bringing your own medications and supplies.  Remember to pack extra as we are in a remote location and it will not be easy to restock if necessary.  Please note, services at the Mountain Campus are extremely limited, intended to be utilized for minor needs and emergencies, and should not be relied upon as a primary care provider.  


Students should be prepared to share small free-standing cabins shared with 1-3 others. Each cabin has a shared lounge/study area and sleeping area with bunk beds. Restroom and shower facilities are located nearby in a separate building with men’s/women’s multi-stall sections. Each cabin has a small porch. Some academic sessions may be housed in dorms with up to 8 people in a larger room, and shared lounge/study area and men’s/women’s restrooms in the building. Because so much of our living, work and study spaces are shared, it is imperative that students show courtesy for others in all actions. Your academic cohort becomes your community, and this courtesy goes a long way!