Weather & Webcam

Weather at the Mountain Campus

Mountain weather at 9,000 ft. (2,743m) can be unpredictable. Planning for a variety of conditions is recommended to comfortably enjoy the Mountain Campus through the seasons.

Know Before You Go

  • Weather may change quickly in the Rockies; have layered clothing accessible
  • Temperatures can vary dramatically between daytime and evening hours
  • Precipitation comes in the form of rain, hail, or snow; waterproof gear is recommended
  • Trails and roads around the campus are not paved
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses and water are a must


Current Weather Conditions & Weather Forecast

  • Click here for the weather forecast at the Mountain Campus (National Weather Service).


Typical Weather Conditions

Weather data has been collected at CSU Mountain Campus for many years. On-site measurements indicate a mean annual temperature of 35 F. Temperature extremes have ranged from a low of -45 F to a high of 83 F.

Mean annual precipitation is about 21 inches (54 cm) with approximately 60 percent of the annual precipitation occurring from October through May, primarily in the form of snow. This amounts to an average annual snowfall of about 200 inches (500 cm), but annual snowfall can easily vary from one-half to twice the amount. Summer precipitation from June to September is usually in the form of thunderstorms of short duration, high intensity, and small-area coverage. Most thunderstorms occur in the afternoon due to solar heating beginning at sunrise.


Average minimum, mean and maximum temperatures

MonthAverage Minimum
F (C)
F (C)
Average Maximum
F (C)
May26 (-3)41 (5)55 (13)
June36 (2)49 (9)63 (17)
July38 (3)56 (13)72 (22)
August39 (4)53 (11)70 (21)
September30 (-1)45 (7)60 (16)
October28 (-2)34 (1)47 (8)