Academic Programs

Academics and Environmental Education 

Academics and education at the Mountain Campus include university-level academic courses and field experiences as well as multi-day environmental education experiences for local and regional schools.  


Mountain Campus hosts over 300 university students on average annually as part of CSU academic programs.  The Mountain Campus has hosted university-level academic field courses since 1916. The Mountain Campus hosts classes from multiple CSU colleges, as well as colleges and universities across the country. Courses range from an overnight, weekend experience to a month-long intensive field experience. Undergraduate academic classes held during the summer provide outdoor labs, field study, and classroom work for students.

If you are interested in hosting an academic field course at the Mountain Campus, please contact us to inquire about space availability.  Mountain Campus is an ideal sight for transformational experiential learning, and we would love to talk with you about hosting your course this season! 

Learn more about CSU’s Warner College of Natural Resources field courses – the longest-standing academic partner at the Mountain Campus. Please click here.

CSU’s College of Liberal Arts is launching a new Environmental Humanities Program hosted at the CSU Mountain Campus. Come be a part of this exciting new program! For more information: Environmental Humanities at the CSU Mountain Campus, Summer Session 2022

Multiple other CSU colleges host field courses, field experiences, and orientations or retreats at the Mountain Campus. Inquire at your department about programs happening at the Mountain Campus!